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About Us

    Siam Metal Sheet Company Limited offers roof steel roofing wave of high quality under the name "Siam Metal Sheet", which is an alternative choice to meet the needs of new technology for the architecture of buildings and factories which have complex shape with high quality, beauty, and durable product for instance arc roof sheet, bolt and boltless roof sheet, wallboard, ventilation door sheet (louver), cover plate (flashing), clear sheet (skylight), celling plate, rotating ventilation ball, all kind of insulation, and full installation equipments.

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    With manufacturing technology meeting international standards and using quality raw material and also focusing on good services both before and after the sale by the engineers and technicians team with expertise waiting to give professional assistant and guiding on how to use the product and correct installation. Thus making the company's product won the trust of many projects such as residential building, industry building, government agencies, schools, warehouse, etc. Customers can be assured that the "Siam Metal Sheet" product is worth investing in your every project.

    01-06 01-07 Unique points of "Siam Metal Sheet" product
    1. Excellent at preventing leakage of rain water
    2. Lightweight which help reduced the cost
    3. Low-angle slope roof increase the usage area within the building
    4. Strong, resistance, and several colors to choose from
    5. Produce to the desired length
    6. Easy and quick installation
    7. The metal sheet can be bend to the desire shape easily